May 6, 2009

Peter Papineau Builder, David Decker, Sundance Institute

It is with great confidence that I write this letter of strong recommendation for the Peter Papineau Building Company of Park City, Utah. Peter built a five bedroom timber frame home that came out better than the already creative plans because he added more creativity to add personal charm and warmth to the house. It was unexpectedly featured in Ski Magazine as “the pick of Park City” (google 220 King Rd, Park City). 

Peter then built us a four bedroom home that is even more charming than the first. Both homes are excellent quality and workmanship. He uses very good crews and closely supervises them. Most importantly he is easy to work with. I have built six homes for myself and about ten commercial buildings. Having had construction experience I know the importance of using a dependable, quality builder. Peter is just that. 

I have recommended Peter to friends in Park City and they have been pleased with his work. One has used him more than once. Never have I heard of any complaints. 
You can inspect my homes by contacting Park City Lodging at 435-649-6175. Ask of Rhonda. 
Respectfully yours, 

Robert R. Sfire 
22 Forsyth 
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236 

To whom it may concern: On Top Roofing has had a working relationship with Papineau Builders since 2005. We have successfully completed many projects with them. We've had only positive experiences with their team, as their professionalism, strong communication skills and responsiveness are second to none.

In addition, their attention to detail and strong project management skills consistently produce quality results. As one of their subcontractors, it has been a pleasure to work with them ove the past 3 1/2 years.

I would happily recommend Peter Papineau, David Decker and their team to anyone looking for a top quality Builder. 

Thank you,  

David Gebo
Owner/ On Top Roofing  

May 5, 2009

Client Testimonials

May 5, 2009

Peter runs a top shelf construction business. His intimate knowledge of Old Town Building requirements is a real asset to any client. The workmanship he performs is outstanding. Supplying decking to Peter has always gone smoothly and he treats his suppliers professionally and pays his invoices on time. He is a great client of mine. 

August 26, 2011 - Jerry was a consultant or contractor to Peter at Peter Papineau Builders, Inc.

Jerry Abate 

President Our Home Property Services 
Vice President Mataverde Hardwood Decking Products

Robert R. Sfire   

August 26, 2011

To Whom it May Concern,
We have had a working relationship with Papineau Builders for a number of years now Building Custom Homes in Park City. We have found this relationship to be exemplary. We particularly value the Efficient and Timely manner in which Papineau Homes are built without cutting corners. We appreciate their professionalism and the ability to get things done under difficult circumstances, timelines, etc.
Papineau Builders works well as a team, meets required schedules and are professional in their workmanship. They meet all the owners’ expectations and provide a well-managed working environment. We work with many different Builders and Contractors in this State and we Find Papineau Builders to be exceptional and look forward to working with them in the future.


Bob Sanders
Residential Manager
Shamrock Plumbing
340 West 500 North 
North Salt Lake, Utah 84054

"My experience in working with Peter Papineau and David Decker of Papineau Builders has been an extremely rewarding one. I consider them to be among the finest homebuilders that I have worked with in Park City: Peter and David bring to the table a rare combination of hands on craftsmanship, business savvy, and passion for their work." 

Costantino Grandjacquet 
Summa Ars Architects

Pat Sweeney

President,  MPE Inc. 

Papineau Builders Inc

Michael J. Grimme

Founder/CE0     AMC Liquidators 

May 3, 2009

Costantino Grandjacquet

Summa Ars Architects  

To Whom It May Concern,
I have worked with Peter on several projects over the past 10 years. We were neighbors for a period of time. I him to be conscientious, talented, reliable, and fiscally conservative. It is for this reason that I chose Papineau Builders to construct my personal home. 

Pat Sweeney
President, MPE Inc. 
Managing General Partner, Sweeney Land Company
Managing Member, Brothers III, LLC

May 4, 2009

Bob Sanders

Shamrock Plumbing 

Park City, UT

David Gebo

Owner/ On Top Roofing

Peter and David, 
     Hello and thank you again for the opportunity to supply your exterior window and door packages. Your choice of Contractors Window Supply reaffirms our commitment to being Utah’s only independent window distributor. The variety of construction types that you engage in demands choices in wind and door product. Variety in exterior finishes, interior wood species, glazing types, hardware styles and finishes, and types of operation is what sets Papineau Builders apart from the main stream contractors in Park City. Your ability to offer those choices to your clients is essential to the finished product that you have provided over the past 30 years. From the most historic old town structure to the most contemporary mountain residence to commercial tenant improvements, you offer product and the skilled craftsmen necessary to make great livable space become a reality. 
    Thank you for asking the questions of clients that make our window and door product stand out as the best available product for the desired price available. Aluminum clad, painted, or stained exterior? Dual or triple glazing with Low E, Sun 240 or 366 coatings? U values and solar heat gail coefficients to work in our climate? Interior in Pine, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Teak, Walnut, Cherry, or Painted from a company managed or an FSC Leed certified forest? Skylights with electric venting and shading systems or sage glass? Hardware, screens, hand and operator style to match the rest of the interior package? Prices, lead times, delivery and service to complete the job in a timely fashion? 
    We appreciate the business relationship with Papineau Builders but value the friendship and comradery that carries over the mountains, lakes and rivers surrounding Park City. We are committed to doing the best job with the best products available . Compliments at the grocery store are worth 100 letters of recommend. 

Tim Snyder

Tim Snyder

Contractors Window Supply

Papineau Builders Inc.
8678 Parleys Lane, Park City, UT 84098 US
Phone: (801) 859-3550


Dec 30, 2013

Jonathan and Peter,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say you both did a great job with our home renovations.   All aspects of it exceeded our initial expectations.   The back patio is now much larger and functional than our initial plan.  We love the heated deck there and our driveway.  The front deck is huge and now almost gives us another room and makes the existing rooms appear much larger now that we have doors instead of windows . Amazing views.   The dining room is now larger, but more intimate with a fireplace and is a  fantastic meeting place that  accommodates more people comfortably.   Last but certainly not least is the amazing kitchen. We have three times the counter space and it is now an extension of the dining room which allows us to accommodate much large groups.

We are also very impressed that we essentially got the entire project done in a very short period of time, despite whether issues.  The whole project looks like it was always there vs. a typical remodel. 

Our test run has been these 2 holiday weeks. Although there are always a few finishing touches to be completed, overall the project comes out an A+.

Well done!  We are already recommending you to others we know. 
Best Regards,

Michael J. Grimme
AMC Liquidators